Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I go to school with you every day And walk home with you to You chuck me on the floor and leave me there Where I feel that you don’t care for me But you feed me once a day Yummy stuff like Books drink bottles lunch and clothes I wish you would stop leaving your dirty t-shirts Clothes and junk you don’t need You leave me outside where it is cold and damp On a rainy day the varder drips on me Leaving me shivering like a bus at the traffic light When we walk home you skip up the hill Making me dizzy and sick We are best buds and I am your helping hand I remind you about newsletters and other important stuff I want to go to college but I here I’m getting replaced I am not just a school bag I am your friend

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Swimming Sports

We are all on our way to swimming sports finally were here.I get myself comfortable then the races start. I start feeling more and more nervous as I watch all the races. Year six backstroke oh no one more year group and then it's my tern. Ready set go I swim as fast as I can. Then all of a sudden someone hand's me a blue stick ,I nearly jump with joy. I came second!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

All about me

Welcome and hi to Zayna's blog,I am a year 7 at papakowhai school. My birthday is the 9 of February. I Love to play indoor and outdoor netball I also play basketball. My favourite colour's are purple and blue. My favourite food is cous cous a Africa dish. I am born in London my Mum is from New Zealand and my Dad is from Morrico. I like watching muder mystery's From Zayna

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Production Recount

The noise was getting louder and louder, everyone was running around trying to get ready for the production. I was asking Mrs Powell every moment when the production would start. We were in backstage getting ready for the production. This was last night and was the most nervous night my Mum,Dad,Sister and Brother were there waiting in the audience. Finally its time to come out and take our seats with a little wave to Mum and Dad. I walk up the stairs, in my head I think one more night sitting on those uncomfortable chairs. As I am sitting down I see little black figures, they must be the props people running around. “What do you call a fly with no wings a walk” said yobbie, that's our cue. I stand up nearly falling back down again its our dance,the lights are burning my skin. A big white light shines on me that must be the camera,I wonder if my makeup will run. My cape flaps around I can’t wait to get it of its so hot. I meet my parents I’m glad to see my parents overall I think this production was pretty good there was drama,sadness,laughter,love and a lot more. The story line was great such a thrilla an evil villain, with the gang trying to get through a book of fairy tales before the the lit quiz.

Bush Walk Writing !!!!

BUSH WALK Zayna Lahgazi Wow, look at that amazing view. The best ever. The branches are hanging low as the water tickles the ends of the twigs. The sound of saccades full the air as the water makes the sounds of a un stationed radio,the water rushes through the rocks,so clean and fresh it was like you,were in the pacific islands. There were open landings everywhere with birds chirping their heads off all around you. The dirt and twigs down by the river side sinked into your feet with a cold slimy feeling to it.The grass hadn't been trimmed for years, the footpath was basically a camouflage sight. Trees almost touch the sky as the wind shakes there long thick branches. Holly's bright young face stood out of all the scenery as the wind went through her dark brown hair up to her shoulders. Holly's bright oval blue eyes sparkled more than the river’s lush blue. Her nose was so perfect that you could match it up to Katie Chambers her favorite pop star. Her smile was as bright as the sun as her teeth was shining more than the moon. Her sense of style was a normal teenage girl jeans top and trainers. Holly was quite a shy and scared girl and a specially when she was alone like now, her friends were supposed to meet her at 4 o'clock now she was waiting,just waiting doing nothing while looking at the beautiful waterfall wondering what to do. There was a bigger problem she’d been sitting there for a couple of hours when she decided to go home then realised that the path which she had gone was total camouflage . Plus to make it even worse she had now food but a couple of lollies for her friends,they didn't seem to be coming though. She was starting to go to panic mode now,she checked her cellphone no signal. Now she had to rely on her mother nature skills which weren't very good. She didn't want to go into the forest because she would get even more lost,right now though she was quite angry and annoyed that her friends didn't show up. It was starting to get dark so she tried to salvage some twigs and flowers to make a pillow and a blanket surely Holly's parents would start to find her. She dozed of wondering if she will ever see her parents again. Holly woke up suddenly by a sparrow pecking a tree near by. Holly decided to retrace her steps so she packed up her belongs and left,a couple hours later her friends showed up and wondered where she was,they knew that she never messed up her plans before. Anyway she had been walking for ages to the point when she had to make up another camp. She had been walking for 2 weeks now hungry tired and cold she was desperate for human life that she was building a raft out of sticks and leaves it took her 3 days. It was done after failed attempts and breakdowns it was finally done she was going to set of in the morning. In the morning Holly through the river to the side of town it was a hard job but she did it and when she got to the other side of the river her parents were waiting for her that whole time they had been waiting for her.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This was my very awesome holiday the reason why I went here is because my dad was born in Morocco in Africa.      


Morocco is a very far away country it takes in total about 30 to 35 hours to get there on plane.Not including car trips.My route was Wellington to Auckland Auckland to Shanghai Shanghai to Casablanca then we stayed at our cousins apartment,we stayed there for two nights. Then it was the start of our to our amazing trip. It took us 5 days to get to our very cool destination. We were driving to the Sahara desert. My coolest hotel well it wasn't really a hotel it was a mud hut,I know what you're thinking. It was made out of mud and straw. We were going to stay in tents but because it had rained before it was damp and mum refused to stay there so we stayed in the mud and straw hut.

When we got to the dearest we were late there was a hotel just across the road so we dumped our luggage there and then our fun begin. I was the first one to get on the camel we were going to travel by camel into the desert and stay the night in one of the tents.